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Jandyra Waters – Rhythm of Time

Curatorship: Denise Mattar

08.27 – 09.23 / 2015


Curated by Denise Mattar, the exhibition Jandyra Waters – Ritmo do Tempo (Rhythm of Time) presented 45 works by the artist produced between 1957 and 2015. The exhibition consisted of a mixture of paintings and poems from different points in the artist´s career, breathing life into her pictorial and poetic journey.

The exhibition presented historical works including some figurative pieces which display the questioning quality of the artist, her period of informal abstractionism, shown briefly, and likewise her participation in the 9th São Paulo Biennial. The largest group of works represents sensitive geometry, the style she is best known for characterized by the use of geometric elements of strong colors and intense rhythm.

Over her six decades of art, Jandyra Waters built up a pictorial body of work characterized by intense luminosity and potent color vibration – in which nothing is superfluous. Her work, lauded by critics such as Theon Spanudis, Mário Schenberg and José Geraldo Vieira among others, can be found in some of the most important private collections in the city and at institutions such as the São Paulo Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art of USP, the Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo, the FAAP´s Brazilian Art Museum (MAB), among others.

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