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Willys de Castro

Curatorship: Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro

Cecilia Brunson Projects

10.08 - 12.09 / 2016


Presented the Cecilia Brunson Projects Gallery in London, in partnership with the São Paulo-based Almeida & Dale Gallery and under the curatorship of Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro, the show Willys de Castro: From Paitings to Objects 1950-1965 comprised 21 works covering the early years of the artist. The show takes in a variety of works from paintings to the famous Active Objects for which Willys de Castro is renowned as one of the most innovative Brazilian artists and is currently attracting the attention of international critics for its originality and innovativeness.

Willys de Castro fully embraced the ideal of the post-war vanguard, producing a true synthesis of the arts. Best known for his visual arts, he also worked with music, poetry, design, scenography, costume and attained excellence in all of these activities.

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