Almeida & Dale | José Leonilson

José Leonilson

Fortaleza - Ceará, 1957 São Paulo - São Paulo, 1993

Leonilson´s work´s reflects strong personal subjective expression. In his drawings, paintings and delicate embroidery, he works with words and body mappings, which comprise a private yet open diary.

Leoni son builds a romantic narrative in search of the sublime, often also alluding to nonconformity linked to feelings of impotence and inability to take action. The formal worn look of his embroidery seems to further intensify the sentimental content, by revealing a certain precariousness of the human condition.

Upon discovering he had the AIDS virus, the themes of fear, death and disease became pervaded his work. He began to dwell on the transcendence and fragility of life, delving deeper into the ideas of absence, grief and memory. Addressing intimacy even more deeply, yet conveying universal fears and feelings, his work became more delicate and moving at the end of his life. In 1994, he received a posthumous tribute and a award from the Association of Art Critics of São Paulo for his work.

Sem título (Série nº 1), 1988

bastão de óleo sobre papel
41 x 31,5 cm

Sem título (Série nº 2), 1988

bastão de óleo sobre papel
41 x 31,5 cm

Caro mercador, 1989

tinta acrílica sobre lona
45 x 51 cm

Isto é a lua, não a última chance, 1989

acrílica sobre lona
83 x 50 cm

Sem título, 1983

acrílica sobre lona
67 x 176,5 cm

Sem título, 1984

acrílica sobre lona
100 x 200 cm

Jan Palach que se imolou em Praga em 1968 contra a invasão soviética, 1989

aquarela sobre papel
40,5 x 30,5 cm

Sem título, 1984

acrílica e tinta metálica sobre lona
110,5 x 200 cm

Com as mãos no bolso; com as mãos abanando, 1991

bordado e linha sobre veludo
45 x 35 cm

Aladim e seu capitão, 1991

acrílica e tinta metálica sobre tela
151 x 75 cm

O imperfeito, 1988

linha sobre tecido
155 x 97 cm

O pescador de pérolas, 1991

fio e tinta metálica sobre voile
36 x 31 cm

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